Los angeles Casual Sex

Name: Julie
Nickname: Unbelievablestallion
Age 30
State: California
Zip: 90065
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Beautiful single women
I am a retired army major have served tours in germany(2), vietnam, south korea,and have visited holland, thailand, and japan. i will treat a lady swell, but i do not buy pussy.
Name: Catherine
Nickname: Carnalbarbie
Age 34
State: California
Zip: 90065
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Sexy girls oklahoma
Own my own business, tall, athletic, non-smoker, interested in dating
Name: Cynthia
Nickname: Lustygiggle
Age 33
State: California
Zip: 90004
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Lick my pussy
My favorite position is doggy style i have sex at least 4 times a week i masturbate 3 i have never had a one-night stand with someone i met online i have had sex in a public place
Name: Amanda
Nickname: Hubbytart
Age 38
State: California
Zip: 90037
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Listing nude girls
Easy going, laid back, i enjoy racing &most sports, taking a ride on bike
Name: Alexis
Nickname: Untameablestallion
Age 25
State: California
Zip: 90008
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Dating erotic
23 years old, about 5'8, 150 lbs, of average build, brown hair, blue eyes.
Name: Stephanie
Nickname: Yummystuff
Age 25
State: California
Zip: 90032
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Make love tonight
Looking for great partnership, willing to try anything new, or wild. i enjoy 1 night stands, but im not afraid to have a relationship.
Name: Victoria
Nickname: Dirtybeauty
Age 39
State: California
Zip: 90017
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Squirters
I am very open minded and like to try new things. i enjoy all sorts of things.
Name: Frances
Nickname: Innocenttreasure
Age 24
State: California
Zip: 90001
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Find me sex
Out going , fun to be around, seperated now and looking for good time
Name: Brittany
Nickname: Bustymilf
Age 26
State: California
Zip: 90033
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Where to get fuck
Hi im 5foot 7 i am 160lb iv got dark brown hair and brown eyes
Name: Nicole
Nickname: Princeboo
Age 25
State: California
Zip: 90028
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Find single women
About 6 foot tall thin red hair love the outdoors and sports and good ware it counts
Name: Gloria
Nickname: Femininekitten
Age 35
State: California
Zip: 90062
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Natural big breasts
Lets start by saying i love sex. i need a attractive freak who is intersted in having some great times together. my job and my business are quite demanding and i don't have time for the dating and getting ... to have my way with her or i just did.
Name: Sara
Nickname: Luckyhunter
Age 27
State: California
Zip: 90047
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Girls for sex dates
Masculine, good looking ,6'-213 lbs normal build to slightly muscular casually dressed
Name: Sharon
Nickname: Deliciousbonfire
Age 36
State: California
Zip: 90045
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Interracial wife swap
Am a man of great desires to woal next to a woman & show her a good time as we agree!
Name: Joan
Nickname: Snugglyjuliet
Age 21
State: California
Zip: 90013
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Single mothers
Good looking, bearded, a few extra pounds but i excercise regularly
Name: Marilyn
Nickname: Untameablecobbler
Age 23
State: California
Zip: 90034
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Male escort
I'm 6'2, 170 lbs., slender but in athletic shape, well-educated, versatile, energetic, and loving.