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Name: Rose
Nickname: Hardgenie
Age 20
State: California
Zip: 92270
City: Rancho Mirage
Interest: Find love online
5' 9'' , athletic and looking for a goody girl to have sex with
Name: Frances
Nickname: Hornyapple
Age 30
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 17570
City: Rheems
Interest: Find love online
6'1, 180 pounds, working hard to stay in shape, pale skin, blue eyes, short brown hair, built wel enough
Name: Melissa
Nickname: Jewelledgentleman
Age 35
State: Michigan
Zip: 48133
City: Erie
Interest: Find love online
Class clown, 'course i'm in a class all by myself, so save a horse, ride a cowboy!
Name: Evelyn
Nickname: Pumpkinnymph
Age 26
State: Puerto Rico
Zip: 966
City: Guaynabo
Interest: Find love online
I'm an athletic guy. i play a lot of sports including football, wrestling, powerlifting, and martial arts. i like speed and anything i can drive that has a motor.
Name: Diana
Nickname: Clevergirly
Age 29
State: Michigan
Zip: 49952
City: Nisula
Interest: Find love online
I love these chat rooms, you can get all these men worked up into a rich lather and then show them what you are really made of…that you can get downright dirty just like them.
Name: Olivia
Nickname: Cazychick
Age 38
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72758
City: Rogers
Interest: Find love online
I am a pretty relaxed kinda of guy. try not to get to excited over the lil things, but i do know how to have a good time and tend to be a lil crazy in certain situations. i enjoy doin things outdoors ... a good time and someone i can have fun with.
Name: Maria
Nickname: Fantasticpuddle
Age 20
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72476
City: College City
Interest: Find love online
I'm a handsome man who is interested in meeting a woman who love being licked. i really enjoy this activity and it will bring me great pleasure to bring you to the best orgasm of your life. i'm 6'0'' ... treated like a lady, in and out of the bedroom.
Name: Beverly
Nickname: Snugglychick
Age 35
State: Minnesota
Zip: 55075
City: South Saint Paul
Interest: Find love online
Iam pretty chunky long black hair never had any complants lol at least not to my face
Name: Mary
Nickname: Mysticdoll
Age 31
State: New York
Zip: 10985
City: Thompson Ridge
Interest: Find love online
Fun,outgoing, i'm just a basic member so you will need to provide me with a way to contact you.
Name: Patricia
Nickname: Dirtytinkerbelle
Age 29
State: Alabama
Zip: 36352
City: Newton
Interest: Find love online
This is my first time coming here and doing this and i promise that if i don't get what i'm looking for it will be my last. i would really hate it if i was to become one of those serial posters, although ... opposed to meet with one of them for a chat....lmao.