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Name: Nicole
Nickname: Spiceydoll
Age 29
State: Tennessee
Zip: 38454
City: Duck River
Interest: Find single women
I'm ready for the world, i hope you are ready for me. i'm a tiger who needs to be tamed. can you be my trainer, are you bold enough to step into my cage?
Name: Jane
Nickname: Celestialvolcano
Age 32
State: Minnesota
Zip: 56142
City: Ivanhoe
Interest: Find single women
6-1 175lbs salt and pepper hair average size/cut. average build not very hairy.
Name: Katherine
Nickname: Gracioussteed
Age 38
State: Maine
Zip: 4967
City: Pittsfield
Interest: Find single women
I'm just an average guy who plays guitar. i love 80's metal, and beautiful women. i work for a living as a welder but hope to eventually become a full time musician. i'm currently reaching for the stars and the sky is the limit.
Name: Janet
Nickname: Funkyflame
Age 26
State: New York
Zip: 11229
City: Brooklyn
Interest: Find single women
A husky teddy bear, i'm seeking someone to snuggle with. i love snuggling. i thinks it's so romantic. i'm educated and i love trying new things. i spend allot of time on the film set of my independent ... produce so i don't have time to meet many people.
Name: Nicole
Nickname: Fatbrat
Age 28
State: South Dakota
Zip: 57241
City: Hayti
Interest: Find single women
I enjoy both dominant and submissive roleplay or maybe even "normal" sex if you're horny enough. i'm a nice guy, but i enjoy playing rough too. i get off to making you get off. i don't have a foot fetish ... let's get together and see if we end up fucking.
Name: Karen
Nickname: Seductivebottom
Age 28
State: Michigan
Zip: 48876
City: Potterville
Interest: Find single women
Black and italian stand at six feet weight 167 and originally from chicago
Name: Marilyn
Nickname: Scatterbrainedadrenaline
Age 27
State: Wisconsin
Zip: 54473
City: Rosholt
Interest: Find single women
I am a white guy who only weighs about 130 pounds. i have short dirty blonde hair and glasses. i currently attend northern virginia community college (nova) and am taking 5 classes this semester. i have ... i'll wait forever for a good woman to come along.
Name: Nicole
Nickname: Princeboo
Age 25
State: California
Zip: 90028
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Find single women
About 6 foot tall thin red hair love the outdoors and sports and good ware it counts
Name: Jacqueline
Nickname: Enchantingberry
Age 24
State: Vermont
Zip: 5146
City: Grafton
Interest: Find single women
Im 5 foot 11 i like to work out and try to stay healthy. i work all the time so i dont really have much free time. lookin for someone to help what little free time i have to be more enjoyable.
Name: Joyce
Nickname: Masculinebug
Age 31
State: Iowa
Zip: 52241
City: Coralville
Interest: Find single women
I am 6 ft tall average body type. i have brown hair and brown/hazel eyes. i love to be outdoors flying my rc airplane. camping in the summer months up on the mountians. riding 4 wheelers and just love to have fun.
Name: Denise
Nickname: Munchiepuff
Age 24
State: Virginia
Zip: 23230
City: West End
Interest: Find single women
I am fun girl who likes to have fun and try new things. i have an inner wild side and i am not afraid to show it.
Name: Kathleen
Nickname: Luckywife
Age 23
State: Colorado
Zip: 80026
City: Lafayette
Interest: Find single women
Medium build, 180lbs. 5'9" brn. hair brn. eyes. fun and outgoing.
Name: Gloria
Nickname: Candymoonlight
Age 39
State: Oregon
Zip: 97413
City: Mc Kenzie Bridge
Interest: Find single women
I'm feeling great! i need someone to share my feelings with, or i'm not gonna feel so great in a few days or so. lol
Name: Heather
Nickname: Desirablemama
Age 20
State: Florida
Zip: 33415
City: Haverhill
Interest: Find single women
High strung honey who just moved here from the north is looking forward to meeting new folks for all kinds of wonderful things. i sometimes make people nervous because i am so full of life and energy but really under all that i'm just a great girl.
Name: Cheryl
Nickname: Cutieyearning
Age 35
State: South Dakota
Zip: 57540
City: Holabird
Interest: Find single women
Hey ladies how you doing im a 24 yr ol high school graduate thats attending college so ladies holla at me im trying to get what you got 4 me