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Name: Nicole
Nickname: Lavamermaid
Age 38
State: Colorado
Zip: 81410
City: Austin
Interest: Find someone
A lot of guys can talk tough and act as though they've got it, but when it comes time to back it up with action, they show their true colors... always yellow. i'm a gorgeous, brunette woman… busty ... i'm looking for a man who's up for a challenge.
Name: Sarah
Nickname: Dearmilf
Age 32
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 19111
City: Philadelphia
Interest: Find someone
My favorite position is missionary i have had a one-night stand with someone i have had sex in a public place
Name: Michelle
Nickname: Delicatehurricane
Age 32
State: Ohio
Zip: 43037
City: Martinsburg
Interest: Find someone
My favorite position is getting a blow job and fucking tits i have sex i wish i had sex so hook me up i masturbate never i have never had a one-night stand with someone i met online i have never had sex in a public place
Name: Nancy
Nickname: Pufflepoo
Age 40
State: New Hampshire
Zip: 3260
City: North Sutton
Interest: Find someone
Black guy that like good fun and conversation. i could lose 20 pounds, bald, and stable.
Name: Evelyn
Nickname: Dizzyingmermaid
Age 34
State: Florida
Zip: 32533
City: Cantonment
Interest: Find someone
White male / white female in early 40's athletic build. in great shape ,clean disease free. he is 6' 215 lbs black hair, brown eys with little beer belly. she is 5'2 135 lbs with nice ass and beautiful ... the right places. nice,friendly ,funny, and alot of fun.
Name: Joan
Nickname: Snugglysweetpea
Age 32
State: Maine
Zip: 4093
City: West Buxton
Interest: Find someone
Im puert rican 26,love sports,love sex,looking for a good time
Name: Alice
Nickname: Loveytreasure
Age 29
State: Tennessee
Zip: 37601
City: Johnson City
Interest: Find someone
I am a fun easy going person looking for someone to have a good time with
Name: Gloria
Nickname: Taterboy
Age 24
State: Georgia
Zip: 31405
City: Savannah
Interest: Find someone
I'm not the world's boldest person, but i've had my moments. i know when to deal, fold or just lay all my cards on the table. hope you know how to gamble, because i've got quite the hand.
Name: Betty
Nickname: Preciousslave
Age 36
State: Utah
Zip: 84724
City: Elsinore
Interest: Find someone
I am a shy quiet guy looking for sex. i'm 5'9" about 160lbs.i like to go to the movies and dine out once in awhile. i'm a star wars fan and enjoy amateur astronomy.i love nature and wildlife. i'm also a nascar fan.
Name: Lisa
Nickname: Precioussplendor
Age 26
State: Maryland
Zip: 21783
City: Smithsburg
Interest: Find someone
Sexually i lack experience and skill. i'm not a virgin, but there is a lot more for me to learn. i enjoy learning and i love sex, so i think i'll have a really good time meeting a man to teach me what i need to know.
Name: Teresa
Nickname: Heavenlyheartache
Age 30
State: Minnesota
Zip: 56255
City: Lucan
Interest: Find someone
Im young athletic and in the army!!! have a highschool diploma. live in jacksonville fl. single and lookin for a good time. wanting to meet new people and experience new things
Name: Jennifer
Nickname: Smoochiepea
Age 29
State: Iowa
Zip: 50008
City: Allerton
Interest: Find someone
I'm 20 year old male living in babylon ny, i like having a good time whether it be drinking or just chillin out, watching funny movies and just being funny