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Name: Christine
Nickname: Rainbowpoptart
Age 21
State: South Carolina
Zip: 29653
City: Hodges
Interest: Hookers
My favorite position is doggy style. i have sex never, that's why i'm here. some places i like to have sex are: in a bedroom. i masturbate a few times a week.
Name: Madison
Nickname: Attractivetart
Age 29
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 18250
City: Summit Hill
Interest: Hookers
Im a fan of freaky, not nasty and there is a difference. theres nothing im new to in the sex world. i just like sex- safe sex. all types of positions and all types of freakiness. im a head-fanatic. i like ... and i love a interesting sex partner. are you?
Name: Patricia
Nickname: Peanutbutterfry
Age 27
State: South Carolina
Zip: 29704
City: Catawba
Interest: Hookers
Nice guy, just got out of ltr and not looking for anything similar. not looking to "sew" my wild oats, but i know how to use my slim/athletic body and would like to use it on the right lady. if your looking ... of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.
Name: Judy
Nickname: Whimsicalsugar
Age 20
State: Iowa
Zip: 50611
City: Bristow
Interest: Hookers
Im a really loyal fun guy. i like to have fun and staying in good shape has always been important to me. i spoil the girl im with. you'll have fun with me promise. (; i care more about my partner getting off then me. and i enjoy giving oral.
Name: Denise
Nickname: Breathtakingyearning
Age 20
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 15924
City: Cairnbrook
Interest: Hookers
Uhh im about 6'1 light skinned :p short curly brown hair, brown eyes , about 130 pounds... yea im skinny as shyt so what?
Name: Lisa
Nickname: Cinnamontrue love
Age 38
State: Michigan
Zip: 48116
City: Brighton
Interest: Hookers
Reaching high and always hoping for the best when it comes to meeting people. i like to swim and hang out by the beach, i often just wander about during the weekends and people-watch or have some lunch ... really hoping for a fine collectible man to come by...
Name: Nancy
Nickname: Ebonyfireworks
Age 29
State: Michigan
Zip: 48851
City: Lyons
Interest: Hookers
I am a nice guy. many people love my sense of humor. i am a big guy but athletic.
Name: Martha
Nickname: Shortyspring
Age 26
State: Massachusetts
Zip: 1588
City: Whitinsville
Interest: Hookers
I am 36 years old. i enjoy movies, mostly horror or comedy. probably because my life has been either one of those thus far. i love all kinds of music. i love to cook and spend time with friends and ... side of me that i have never really looked at.
Name: Theresa
Nickname: Kissablesavage
Age 20
State: West Virginia
Zip: 25040
City: Charlton Heights
Interest: Hookers
A senior that still would like to enjoy life. openminded and non judgemental.