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Name: Brenda
Nickname: Ferociousdoll
Age 28
State: Nebraska
Zip: 68739
City: Hartington
Interest: Hookup tonight
I'm a down to earth kinda guy. i am not really into the whole club scene. i prefer more casual affairs with friends. drama is fantastic, but like everything else...in moderation. people might type me ... in a mall. so call it what you will.
Name: Susan
Nickname: Munchiewiggle
Age 26
State: Montana
Zip: 59930
City: Rexford
Interest: Hookup tonight
Well as i said above im only 18 lonely and have a small amout of sexual knowledge. i will admit i that im over wieght and i dont have a job at the moment but im working on getting one. i enjoy the outdoors ... now i will add more as i think of it.
Name: Margaret
Nickname: Pufflestrawberry
Age 33
State: California
Zip: 95917
City: Biggs
Interest: Hookup tonight
I am 5-5 senior citizen, well educated, extensively traveled in the world. gardening and traveling are my hobbies.
Name: Gloria
Nickname: Lovehunter
Age 31
State: California
Zip: 94709
City: Berkeley
Interest: Hookup tonight
My bed is always made because i like getting it really untidy again. i like to be lifted and tossed onto the bed then have you dive upon me. let's have fun in my bed until the bed cries out because of exhaustion.
Name: Margaret
Nickname: Princesstruffle
Age 35
State: North Carolina
Zip: 27231
City: Cedar Grove
Interest: Hookup tonight
Im a college lacrosse player...im about 6 foot 190 punds..... id say im in damn good shape and im looking to just ahve a god time no strigs attatched
Name: Brenda
Nickname: Warmfortune
Age 37
State: Missouri
Zip: 63341
City: Defiance
Interest: Hookup tonight
I am guy who loves to experiment in new areas and i'm crazy about mature because they tend to teach me a thing or two.