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Name: Kathleen
Nickname: Dangleewok
Age 30
State: Arkansas
Zip: 72669
City: Pindall
Interest: Hot escorts
I'm definitely a girl with a twisted side. nothing gets me off more than getting a boy to cry. i'm a little manipulative what can i say.
Name: Janice
Nickname: Doodleylovemaker
Age 25
State: Florida
Zip: 33127
City: Miami
Interest: Hot escorts
Im a ig muscular guy(6'1" 265 lbs, think powerlifter/football player body). ive got a little pudge around the middle but i feel like its not much of a factor due to the size of my upper body. im pretty ... for a membership but trust me i will be active.
Name: Natalie
Nickname: Risquecherry
Age 25
State: Illinois
Zip: 62851
City: Keenes
Interest: Hot escorts
I am a 25 year old women. i go to school full time and work full time. i go to the movies and just relax on my free time.
Name: Lauren
Nickname: Tooshieapple
Age 34
State: Alabama
Zip: 36612
City: Mobile
Interest: Hot escorts
I have a male play partner, and we would like to try something new together. normally, i am a rather shy person in the bedroom, but he brings out the best in me, so i need to have him around to have fun.
Name: Anna
Nickname: Chunkiebug
Age 36
State: Texas
Zip: 77476
City: Simonton
Interest: Hot escorts
I'm not really into scenes but i love getting out to live sporting events and music shows. murder city devils in nyc, anyone? grey sundays watching movies is my favourite. i love the outdoors, camping ... as much as i get. i prefer winter over summer.
Name: Joan
Nickname: Chunkieknight
Age 23
State: Texas
Zip: 76064
City: Maypearl
Interest: Hot escorts
Male, 40's, enjoys pleasing a lady as well as getting pleasure.
Name: Lisa
Nickname: Arousingriver
Age 40
State: Idaho
Zip: 83535
City: Juliaetta
Interest: Hot escorts
I'm 5'11" tall, 185#, brown hair, brown eyes and have an athletic build. i feel like i'm in good shape for my age. i'm fresh out of a 13 year marriage and just looking for some friends and good times ... riding my atv. really too many things to mention here.
Name: Katherine
Nickname: Puzzlingocean
Age 39
State: Colorado
Zip: 81320
City: Cahone
Interest: Hot escorts
Im 20 years old and go to school. i do have a job and its alright. just one thing missin in my life and thats a fuck buddy.
Name: Judy
Nickname: Luckygypsy
Age 39
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 17038
City: Jonestown
Interest: Hot escorts
6'1" average build with some extra table muscle. teddy bear type. 100% clean.
Name: Debra
Nickname: Fuzzygoddess
Age 21
State: New York
Zip: 11790
City: Stony Brook
Interest: Hot escorts
When i'm not busy showing off my body in front of a camera, i can be found lounging in the park. there's nothing specific that i do there, it's just relaxing and sometimes quiet.