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Name: Victoria
Nickname: Poopycake
Age 36
State: New Hampshire
Zip: 3751
City: Georges Mills
Interest: Make love tonight
Nice fun guy here. i am a young top who is considered handsome. i am a nice guy and can be quite aggressive in the bed. i love sex, i mean i really love sex and love to have sex 2 or 3 times in a row ... on a nice clean bottom with a nice tight grip.
Name: Natalie
Nickname: Unbelievabletoy
Age 28
State: Massachusetts
Zip: 2739
City: Mattapoisett
Interest: Make love tonight
Im tall about 6 feet 4 around 230 pounds atlhletic open minded considerd good looking of irish heritage. i boxed for 12 years and like sports and love cars as i am a mechanic enjoy life and fun times.
Name: Stephanie
Nickname: Yummystuff
Age 25
State: California
Zip: 90032
City: Los Angeles
Interest: Make love tonight
Looking for great partnership, willing to try anything new, or wild. i enjoy 1 night stands, but im not afraid to have a relationship.
Name: Carolyn
Nickname: Sweetbonfire
Age 28
State: Nebraska
Zip: 68621
City: Ames
Interest: Make love tonight
I'm 6'4" 209 pounds haitain and black look and feel good too
Name: Deborah
Nickname: Wildwhore
Age 26
State: New York
Zip: 13303
City: Ava
Interest: Make love tonight
I'm an masculine male and like massages, j/o seesions , and versa here
Name: Susan
Nickname: Hubbybarbarian
Age 35
State: California
Zip: 95356
City: Modesto
Interest: Make love tonight
Done with relationships for awhile so i'm just looking for alittle fun. hit me up and lets see what we can do...
Name: Catherine
Nickname: Fuzzybunnie
Age 26
State: Tennessee
Zip: 37350
City: Lookout Mountain
Interest: Make love tonight
Im tall looks like a outdoorsy type i can grow a beard in onley a week
Name: Rose
Nickname: Fuzzy4love
Age 25
State: Arkansas
Zip: 71652
City: Kingsland
Interest: Make love tonight
New to az and know verry few people here or anywhere these days. kinda sucks to be advertising boredom or being alone but it's better than going to the bar or holding a i'll work for food sign up.
Name: Diana
Nickname: Cutedesire
Age 37
State: Tennessee
Zip: 38050
City: Maury City
Interest: Make love tonight
All i am looking for is a fuck buddy nsa i love sex and have a strong sex drive and i can be very discreet about it i am not looking to fall in love or nothing like that just want sex and good sex at that ... thats what your looking for than i am your man
Name: Diane
Nickname: Tooshieapple
Age 29
State: Wisconsin
Zip: 53554
City: Livingston
Interest: Make love tonight
No hair , blue eyes , small penis , tattoos every were , 27 yearas old , tattoo artist
Name: Jennifer
Nickname: Daintymorsel
Age 39
State: Oregon
Zip: 97489
City: Leaburg
Interest: Make love tonight
Well im 22 years old i got black hair clean cut well built just lookin for a beautiful girl or lady to show a good time wit so if u think u fit the description then u know wut to do and i hope u do it quick!!!!