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Name: Emily
Nickname: Hunkydamsel
Age 34
State: Alabama
Zip: 36255
City: Cragford
Interest: Married personals
Ive been told that they dont make em like me any more... the last of the men with old school values... im a 29 year old contractor looking too fill the void in my life. been single for a few years, and miss the company of a beautiful woman
Name: Jessica
Nickname: Bigtummy
Age 24
State: North Carolina
Zip: 28461
City: Boiling Spring L
Interest: Married personals
Easy to get along with like to go out and have a good time, very unselfish very experienced dont let they age miss lead you..
Name: Nancy
Nickname: Stimulatingsparkle
Age 30
State: Indiana
Zip: 46988
City: Twelve Mile
Interest: Married personals
Im a slim/athletic guy, varied interests: cbt, tt, outdoors, verbal, spit, toys, light bondage and imagination.
Name: Lauren
Nickname: Munchiehoneybunch
Age 31
State: Nevada
Zip: 89046
City: Cottonwood Cove
Interest: Married personals
I am athletic, drive race cars and box i work in heavy equipment
Name: Margaret
Nickname: Captivatingjellybean
Age 24
State: Missouri
Zip: 65637
City: Dora
Interest: Married personals
I am a member of the us navy. i am looking for a little fun to take my mind of my job, since it sucks my life away. i have brown hair/ brown eyes. i am 21 and love to have some fun and excitement. ... i have magical hands (gotta love years of musical experience.)
Name: Alice
Nickname: Funkydoodle
Age 35
State: Ohio
Zip: 44234
City: Hiram
Interest: Married personals
My conservative, shy manner always makes it hard for me to get the kind of sexual pleasures that i enjoy. men find it hard to be rough with me, even when i beg so i want a change.
Name: Amber
Nickname: Lavariver
Age 20
State: California
Zip: 94560
City: Newark
Interest: Married personals
I am 19 years old. i like to listen to all kinds of music. surfing and snowboarding are my sports. i love the beach. go ahead and ask me whatever you want.