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Name: Joyce
Nickname: Tatermuffin
Age 28
State: Louisiana
Zip: 71269
City: Alto
Interest: Meet women
Im a truely good guy that just loves to have fun. i am an avid outdoorsman. im divorced an have a lil girl that i love with all my heart.
Name: Joyce
Nickname: Bbwslave
Age 28
State: Florida
Zip: 33953
City: Port Charlotte
Interest: Meet women
I am 6' tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, easy to get along with...
Name: Teresa
Nickname: Kinkyflame
Age 20
State: California
Zip: 90602
City: Whittier
Interest: Meet women
Come ask me! i'm looking to have some fun! i'm a talent scout for a bikini calendar. and work construction. so of your sexy and want to be in the shoot let me know. if not well let's have some fun ladies! ;)
Name: Michelle
Nickname: Carnalcandy
Age 28
State: California
Zip: 91411
City: Van Nuys
Interest: Meet women
In down to earth like to drink giveing tatoos is a fun thing i like to do
Name: Jennifer
Nickname: Darlinglady
Age 32
State: Indiana
Zip: 46122
City: Danville
Interest: Meet women
Bottom line: i'm thinking of putting my exotic body in your arms and my lips on your body, and i'm here waiting for you to find me. i hope to find someone who is as open about trying new and exciting things ... who isn't shy when it comes to express themselves sexually.
Name: Donna
Nickname: Sexywinter
Age 23
State: Wisconsin
Zip: 54618
City: Cutler
Interest: Meet women
I spent my younger days mostly kissing boys, so i guess you can say i'm a little tired of being kissed now. i wan't to explore other options, maybe sucking on 2 healthy dick. who knows? :)
Name: Sharon
Nickname: Pufflebear
Age 28
State: Iowa
Zip: 50579
City: Rockwell City
Interest: Meet women
Not a creeper just a good looking guy looking for some innocent sex
Name: Megan
Nickname: Princegigglebutt
Age 31
State: North Carolina
Zip: 27405
City: Greensboro
Interest: Meet women
I am a 21 year old combat vet who just got back from iraq. i love the out doors and i hate being inside. i am very energetic and i love to explore. and when it comes to partying, i am the man to come to.
Name: Mary
Nickname: Handsomefart
Age 28
State: Arkansas
Zip: 71855
City: Ozan
Interest: Meet women
I am tall, tan, medium length hair. i love sex to be long hard rough and i like to try new things
Name: Megan
Nickname: Ebonyboy
Age 33
State: Missouri
Zip: 64097
City: Wellington
Interest: Meet women
A32 year old father that is a hard worker and stays on top of his responsibilities. most days are spents with the 12 year old son i have custody of.
Name: Tiffany
Nickname: Kinkynut
Age 20
State: Colorado
Zip: 80926
City: Colorado Springs
Interest: Meet women
I travel alot, and would be nice to find someone where my travels take me... discreet, easy on the eyes, clean cut professional... let's start by getting to know each other and go from there..
Name: Sandra
Nickname: Insanefortune
Age 35
State: Arizona
Zip: 85933
City: Overgaard
Interest: Meet women
Im 5'11 and 160 pounds blonde hair and have a hudgh libido green eyes and im very athletic
Name: Patricia
Nickname: Sillysensation
Age 32
State: Texas
Zip: 78412
City: Corpus Christi
Interest: Meet women
I am 6'7 and a nice build who like to try everything there is to try
Name: Ruth
Nickname: Gigglefudge
Age 40
State: Ohio
Zip: 44836
City: Green Springs
Interest: Meet women
Sex is like a puzzle, so the course of action is fitting together. for me, it might take a little bit more time to figure out, maybe a little ky jelly or a bit of coaxing. a the end of it all, we'll show ... perspiration, but that's evidence of a job well done. :)