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Name: Jean
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Age 24
State: Oklahoma
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City: Sparks
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I am slim skinny and i love to play sport and ride in my new dodge truck also i love sex
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Nickname: Snickerocean
Age 28
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Name: Olivia
Nickname: Gigglybride
Age 22
State: Georgia
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City: Kathleen
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I love to travel and drive race cars. i am not looking for a nurse or a purse!
Name: Martha
Nickname: Enchantingmuffin
Age 29
State: New Jersey
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Name: Theresa
Nickname: Lollispring
Age 20
State: West Virginia
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Reserved male approaching 50 and wondering if i have missed anything
Name: Christina
Nickname: Jingletickle
Age 26
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Fun,wet, horny, smart, sweet,kind, funny,wild,loving,exciting
Name: Kimberly
Nickname: Prettyhappiness
Age 25
State: Oklahoma
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City: Oklahoma City
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5'6 i wear glasses have gray hair and try to enjoy life as much as possible. need someone in my life who is fun loving and wants to share life together.going out or staying in as long as we enjoy each others company.
Name: Teresa
Nickname: Smarttinkerbelle
Age 31
State: Oklahoma
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City: Rufe
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I am a very relaxed person. i may seem apathetic but i just leave the bad in the past and move on. looking for something more and amazing.
Name: Linda
Nickname: Eroticboop
Age 22
State: Oklahoma
Zip: 74740
City: Tom
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Well i'v been out of the game for a while and its been way to long, so ahh...if your down i'm down!!
Name: Ruth
Nickname: Sweetsplendor
Age 27
State: Michigan
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City: Ceresco
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I like to go out with my friend or stay at the house and watching tv. i am a good person to get a long with. i work out a lot with my uncle. i am 6 feet tall, with brown hair, blue eyes.
Name: Sarah
Nickname: Loveywoman
Age 39
State: Illinois
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City: Buda
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Nice fellow who likes to spend time with an equally nice lady
Name: Margaret
Nickname: Jewelledbud
Age 22
State: Pennsylvania
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Well i'm single very honest and open so don't be scared to ask me anything you want. i'm up for anything so mail me and lets have lots of fun x
Name: Virginia
Nickname: Sexypielollipop
Age 27
State: Arizona
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To be on here one way or the other you must pay so what makes you think i will be free sp dont waste your time emailing me if you not ready for me