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Name: Anna
Nickname: Captivatingsquirrel
Age 29
State: New Hampshire
Zip: 3071
City: New Ipswich
Interest: Need alot sex
Blond blue eyed country boy stable nonsmoker ok with it light drinker ok with some drugs luv to lick ddfree
Name: Alexis
Nickname: Angellicdesire
Age 20
State: North Carolina
Zip: 28409
City: Wilmington
Interest: Need alot sex
I am somewhat of a tomboy, but that doesn’t mean i don’t want to be treated like lady. i am strong, independent and very assertive; but that doesn’t mean that at times, i wouldn’t like a man who will take the lead.
Name: Beverly
Nickname: Munchkingeek
Age 33
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 15425
City: South Connellsvi
Interest: Need alot sex
Just a fun and easy going person who loves to go the club, shop and have fun with his bros.
Name: Maria
Nickname: Fantasynymph
Age 26
State: Ohio
Zip: 44906
City: Mansfield
Interest: Need alot sex
I am a 6'5 very athletic male with an 11 1/2 inch cock and very girthy. girls are either awed or scared of me hopefully you are awed.
Name: Janice
Nickname: Tootsiesyrup
Age 32
State: Wisconsin
Zip: 53937
City: Hillpoint
Interest: Need alot sex
Guy that loves to try almost anything once. more if i like it. i am physically very flexible and would like to try and use this talent in more productive ways. if your willing let me know
Name: Ashley
Nickname: Provocativemuse
Age 21
State: Virginia
Zip: 22303
City: Jefferson Manor
Interest: Need alot sex
I am just a man who likes to make love to a woman all night long