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Name: Anna
Nickname: Slinkyaphrodasiac
Age 24
State: Louisiana
Zip: 71357
City: Newellton
Interest: Single girls oh
I like to write my own song lyrics and can play a lot of instruments. i have hazel eyes and red hair that's dyed. i have a little extra weight on me but i am juat looking for someone who loves me for me ... to talk a lot and just have a good time.
Name: Diana
Nickname: Nerdysunshine
Age 21
State: North Dakota
Zip: 58733
City: Des Lacs
Interest: Single girls oh
I have dd bobs and i love to touch them i love to be horny with u in anyway. i have brown hair and hazel eyes very nice smile
Name: Diana
Nickname: Ambledaisy
Age 28
State: California
Zip: 95595
City: Zenia
Interest: Single girls oh
Open minded, i like hangin wit friends, goin out clubin tryin new things and meetin new people
Name: Alice
Nickname: Volupuouscutesie
Age 21
State: Texas
Zip: 79907
City: El Paso
Interest: Single girls oh
I am a very adventurious guy looking for an adventurious woman to explore with.
Name: Laura
Nickname: Bbwromeo
Age 40
State: Alabama
Zip: 35905
City: Gadsden
Interest: Single girls oh
5'11" 170 lbs i have been told im good looking in pretty good shape
Name: Deborah
Nickname: Elusivebarbarian
Age 28
State: Texas
Zip: 75570
City: Boston
Interest: Single girls oh
I'am 5'11" tall a ,little over weight .iwork in construction and am currently employe. ilike to fish ,go camping,drinking a few beers on the weekends with friends. i have a pet rat her name is lucky because ... snake food.i like to stay at home and watch movies.
Name: Christine
Nickname: Suggestivewuggle
Age 26
State: Illinois
Zip: 62954
City: Junction
Interest: Single girls oh
Iam looking for a woman and iam nice sexy and good in bed
Name: Gloria
Nickname: Honeyhusband
Age 33
State: New York
Zip: 12763
City: Mountain Dale
Interest: Single girls oh
I'm 5'11, 185#, slender, greying receding hairline. passionate, sensual, considerate, lots of foreplay. lover of boobs. want to please the girl/woman first. enjoy watching a woman masturbate & me masturbating her.
Name: Kimberly
Nickname: Cleverduckling
Age 36
State: Texas
Zip: 78214
City: San Antonio
Interest: Single girls oh
I am really getting bored with the phoenix heat and with the lack of good entertainment; so why don't we create our own excitement, get to know each other, and get down to what we both want: passionate ... now that’s worth taking a deep breath on and visualizing.
Name: Carol
Nickname: Graciousnugget
Age 30
State: Kansas
Zip: 67134
City: Sawyer
Interest: Single girls oh
I am a very fun, loving guy with a lot of heart. 6ft tall, gray short hair, average build. i love to party, and i love to just stay at home. i love to give massages. love having my hands (and other parts ... and am bottom\top versitle. i like to pleasure men.
Name: Marie
Nickname: Mysticocean
Age 23
State: California
Zip: 95006
City: Boulder Creek
Interest: Single girls oh
My friends would probably say i'm nuts, but i just consider myself fun. if having sex on the subway is fun - which i thought it totally hella was!
Name: Frances
Nickname: Cleverhunk
Age 35
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 16101
City: New Castle
Interest: Single girls oh
Some people would consider me fat but im just a tall solid person. i look like a football version of a basketball player, if that helps at all.
Name: Julia
Nickname: Flirtatiouschile
Age 34
State: Kansas
Zip: 66712
City: Arma
Interest: Single girls oh
I love having my tight, slippery pussy, clit and perfect tits played with. i want to make you cum while you watch me play with myself.
Name: Kelly
Nickname: Fluffybelle
Age 29
State: California
Zip: 91040
City: Shadow Hills
Interest: Single girls oh
I am the average person who finds it hard to meet anyone that they can get to fullfill their needs both emotionally, physically, or sexually. i am a very laid back and easy going person who doesn't judge ... very passionate about the things i care about as well.