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What is is an online fitness and nutrition community that delivers daily fitness, nutrition, wellness, and motivation content to students and teachers across the US.

How much does a GoTrybe membership cost?

The cost of a free trial account, using the GETFIT promotional code is, of course, free. = ) If you decide to continue using after the free trial period, the cost of a one year membership is $19.95 (regularly $39.95). You can upgrade to a paid membership at any time by visiting the SIGN UP page, located under the HOME menu.

For AAU members, we offer a special discounted membership. To take advantage of that discount, click the AAU logo on the sign-up page and enter your AAU membership number.

How do I create an account?

There are two ways to create an account on

  1. To create a student or teacher account as part of a school or group membership, you'll need to enter the code you received from your school or group administrator. To enter that code, click on the SIGN UP link under the HOME menu at the top of the page, input your code, and complete your registration information.

  2. To create an individual account, click on the SIGN UP text under the HOME menu, click the I DON'T HAVE A CODE button at the bottom of the form, and complete your registration information.

How do I login to the GoTrybe site?

To login to the GoTrybe site, enter your username and password in the fields at the top of each page, and click the LOGIN button.

How do the points work?

Points are earned for completing fitness workouts, or answering daily nutrition, wellness, or motivational questions correctly. Once earned, points are used to rank users on the site and can be spent on clothing, accessories, or customization of your site avatar.

What is an avatar?

A GoTrybe avatar is a character that you can design to represent you on the site. Your avatar can be modified to look exactly how you want them to -- including skin color, hair style, hair color, facial features, clothing, accessories, and more. Initially, you'll have access to a handful of options. As you earn points, you'll be able to spend them on upgrades and options for your avatar -- things like special shoes, pets, outrageous hair styles, etc.

How do I create my avatar?

To design and customize your avatar, click the AVATAR CREATOR link in the MY AVATAR menu. The panel allow you to choose the gender and age or your avatar, as well as, all of their basic features like skin, hair, eyes, mouth, nose, and hair. Once your basic avatar is designed, visit the TRYBAL STORE link to browse, customize, and purchase clothing and accessories for your avatar. Purchased items are stored in MY CLOSET where they can be put on, or stored for future use. Don't have enough points to purchase what you want? Complete a quick workout and get your avatar decked out in style!

How do I choose a daily workout?

To access today's fitness videos, click on the FITNESS link in the DAILY WORKOUT menu. By default, you'll see the build-your-own workout panel which allows you to drag and drop one to six videos, creating your own custom workout. If you'd prefer to complete one of our pre-built workouts, click the CHANGE TO TRYBE WORKOUT button above the video playback area, and select a video from there. Once your workout is selected, click the START WORKOUT button at the bottom of the panel to begin.

Note: You can save workouts that you've created for easy access in the future. To do this, drag and drop videos to create a workout, enter a name in the NAME YOUR WORKOUT field, and click the ADD TO FAVORITES button. Your workout will be stored and can be recalled at any time by selecting them in the LOAD FAVORITES panel, and pressing the LOAD WORKOUT button.

How do I complete the daily quizzes?

To complete the daily nutrition, wellness, and motivational quizzes, click on the NUTRITION, WELLNESS, or MOTIVATION links in the DAILY WORKOUT menu. You'll be presented with a short video clip that teaches you about today's topic. Once the video is complete, you'll have the chance to choose from a selection of multiple choice answers. Answering correctly earns you points. Answering incorrectly give you another chance. You can't lose!

What should I do if the videos won't play?

There are two primary reason for errors in video playback...

  1. takes advantage of some of the newest and best features of Adobe Flash for our video and customization tools. Please visit to download the newest version of the Adobe Flash player. It's a FREE download that will ensure that all of the cool content on works the way it should.

  2. The high quality videos contained on work best over a broadband internet connection. Home internet connections over a traditional phone line, or school network connections that are shared by many users can sometimes causes "hiccups" or delays in the video playback. In most cases, the video will play correctly once it has had time to download.

What is My Page?

MY PAGE is a place where you can enter, and view, your buddy list, message board, shout outs, avatar, site stats, friends, the leader board, and your progress badges. In short, this is the landing place for you to see where you stand, who you know, and how you compare against other users. Update this information anytime you want to let others know who you are. Add and message your friends to stay in touch, and to see how they're doing on the site.

What are messages?

Messages are brief alerts about your progress on the site, new features, or important information about

What is a shout?

Shout Outs allow you and your friends to post messages and communicate on the site. You have complete control over this area, with the ability to post or remove shouts as you see fit. Only friends can post shouts to your board so -- make sure and find your friends on the site once they get online.

How do I add friends?

To add friends, visit the MY PAGE section of the site, enter your friend's username in the ADD FRIEND box, and click ADD FRIEND. Once you've added a friend, their username will appear in your FRIEND LIST, allowing you to visit their page by clicking on their name.

How do I earn badges?

You earn badges as you complete exercises, answer questions, and earn points on the site. Badge 1 is earned once you've accumulated 11,500 points, Badge 2 at 45,000, Badge 3 at 75,000, Badge 4 at 125,000, Badge 5 at 175,000, and Badge 6 at 300,000.

What are Trybal Leaders?

Trybal Leaders are the students and teachers that have earned the highest point totals on the site. The leaderboard, displayed on the home page of the site, is a great way to see how you stack up against the community.

How do I update my profile?

To update your GoTrybe profile, click the MY PROFILE link in the MY GOTRYBE menu. This page allows you to update your name, email address, birth date, and gender. Click SAVE to store the new information.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, click on the UPDATE PASSWORD link in the MY GOTRYBE menu. Enter the new password two times, to confirm the change, and press SAVE to store the new information. You may also enter a secret question and answer to help your recover the password if you forget it in the future.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your GoTrybe password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD text at the top of the page, next to the login area, then follow the instruction on that page. Note: You'll need to know your username and the answer to the secret question you selected when you created the account.

What are forums?

Forums are public places where you can ask questions, post information, and discuss features of the GoTrybe site. To view a forum, simply click on its' title. New topics may be added by completing the form at the top of the page.

What are Trybal Elders?

Trybal Elders are parents, teachers, guardians, or caregivers that are interested in helping students live active, healthy lifestyles. We maintain a separate Trybal Elders's Blog Site with tips, recipes, and links to helpful information.

What is the GoTrybe blog?

The GoTrybe Blog is full of fitness tips, recipes, exercise ideas, motivational videos, and links to online resources. The blog site is open to anyone, with or without a GoTrybe account.

Can I purchase GoTrybe clothing?

Absolutely! To purchase GoTrybe gear, click the MERCHANDISE link under the HOME menu, choose the gear you like, pick your sizes, and we'll ship it out to you asap.

How do I become a Trybe Athlete?

It's simple! Send an email to, with "GoTrybe Video Shoots" in the subject line. Our videos are produced in the GoTrybe studios located in northeastern Tennessee. If you are within driving distance, and would like to become a Trybe athlete in your own community and around the world, feel free to drop us a line.

What if I need help with something that isn't listed here?

If you have questions about anything on the site, please send and email to and we'll respond as soon as we can.